Friday, April 20, 2018

How many equipment shall be needed for mud recycling system in oil drilling project

Mud recycling is very important in well drilling activities since the mud consists of precious chemical substance,therefore the reasonable configuration of mud recycling system is worth careful thinking.

The mud cleaning system has the function of mud recycling and mud mixing of drilling mud.This system consists of different solids processing equipment which are;
  1. Shale shaker
  2. mud cleaner
  3. vacuum degasser
  4. centrifugal pump
  5. mixing pump and mixing hopper
  6. mud agitator
  7. electric control system
  8. other accessories which used to connect pipelines,valves etc
  9. mud tank
These equipment are mounted on the top of mud tank which is divided into different compartments where the mud fluid will be stored and precipitated to be processed by the next processing equipment.
The quantities of each equipment is up to customer's requirement on their processing capacity. Deeper well drilling will require more shale shakers,bigger tank size...
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