Thursday, April 12, 2018

4 reasons are accounted for shale shaker screen getting premature damaged

How to avoid premature damage of your shaker screen ,you need to follow 4 points listed below.

1: Problem:

Tension strength of shale shaker screen mesh is inadequate: Screen mesh is rolled up for easy transportation and storage in many cases,this will cause pressure stress on mesh inside ,tensile stress outside,furthermore, long time use will loosen the screen mesh , lessen tension strength,leading to unexpected vibration,eventually screen mesh get broken off or partly sunken.


Enhance the tension strength of screen wire,keep screen surface leveled to reduce the pressure stress
2. Problem:

There are metal and non-metal material of it,including,low-carbon,high-carbon,high manganese steel,stainless steel etc,non-metal material including: rubber , nylon, polyurethane.If user choose not right material ,premature wear would happen.


User should choose corresponding screen material according to mud physical property,high manganese steel is a durable material.The embed knitting method of screen mesh gives screen surface balanced pressure,and cross over point without bump,it has better working performance and longer working time.



Feeding material has high stickiness.If feeding material has high humidity and viscid,it will tightly be attached to screen mesh, heaped up on the mesh surface,leading to screen mesh damage.


Speed up the amplitude of shaker screen,and adjust shaker deck angle,or change mesh size to solve the problem.



Too much material feeding into shale shaker at one time.Too much feeding material beyond shaker screen's processing capacity will cause damage to the screen mesh.


Successive and equally feeding to shaker screen is suggested,always avoid too much material feeding at one time. There can be added an surge hopper to lessen the impact force feeding material brings to screen mesh. With this method,the working life of screen mesh can be prolonged.

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