Friday, July 6, 2018

The purpose of using mud gas separator

The main purpose of a mud gas separator is to vent the gas and save the drilling fluid. This is important not only economic reasons, but also to minimise the risk of circulating out a gas kick without having to shut down to mix additional mud volume.
In some situations the amount of mud lost can be critical when surface volume is marginal and on-site mud supplies are limited. When a gas kick is properly shut in and circulated out, the mud gas separator should be capable of saving most of the mud.

The atmospheric type separator operates on the gravity or hydrostatic pressure principle.
The essential design features are:
  • Height and diameter of separator
  • Internal baffle arrangement to assist in additional gas break-out
  • Diameter and length of gas outlet
  • A target plate to minimise erosion where inlet mud gas mixture contacts the internal wall of the separator, which provides a method of inspecting plate wear
  • A U-tube arrangement properly sized to maintain fluid head in the separator.

Features of AIPU Mud Gas Separator

  • 1.H2S resistant material for longer life.
  • 2.Large flow rate.
  • 3.Efficient degassing performance.
  • 4.Mud seal design for clean mud flow out.
  • 5.Pressure vessel certification available.
  • 6.Customization on vessel diameter.
  • 7.Support leg with elevation or not.
  • 8.Common steel at economical cost is for option.
  • 9.Heavy anticorrosive painting both internal appearance and external.

How To Choose a Mud Gas Separator?

  • 1.Drilling mud system flow rate
  • 2.Confirm do you need H2S resistant or not
  • 3.Any customization on mud gas separator
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