Friday, June 22, 2018

Replacing your shale shaker screen when you find following phenomenon happened

Replacing your shale shaker screen 
when you find following phenomenon happened

Shale shaker screen is wearing parts in drilling solids separation process,since long time working will make it getting weary little by little.

Shale shaker screen can keep working 7 days,or even 15 days,while in some cases it can only lasted 3 days because it depends on mud property,and whether user have a proper usage or not.

Too much build up of the unwanted solids on the screen panel will cause loss of drilling fluid,and low working separation efficiency of shale shaker.

In above video,there are too much unwanted drilling solids build up on the screening layer,under such circumstance,user should replace it with new screens,or washing the screen when shale shaker stop running.

Aipu Solids Control manufacture shale shaker screen for many years,we provide replacement screen for Derrick,NOV Brandt,Sweco,etc. Customer provide us the screen size,screening layer type,frame material ,then we can make it for you accordingly.
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