Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Mobile Oil Sludge Treatment System

Mobil Oil Sludge Treatment System 

Technology Introduction:
Self-feeding function: With the design of self-feeding equipment,it will transport oil-sludge liquids and solids to the first mobile processing tank,satisfying excessive oil-sludge feeding.

There have the filter screen design at the entrance of self-feeding equipment,
this will avoid other big materials entering into the system.

oil sludge will be separated into smaller solids under the work of rotating blades and 
sieve plate.Those are bigger than 20 mm solids are transported to one side of 
collective tank by rotating blades,smaller than 20 mm solids will be pumped to
oil pretreatment tank under the work of sieve plate.

liquefied and Separation
 oil-sludge can be liquefied,purified under the work of chemistry,ultrasound,air flotation,agitation.Thus the crude oil would be separated out.

Fine separation
Sperating the oil-sludge with three-phase high speed frequency centrifuge.

Water and oil separation
Water will be pumped into water tank and oil to oil tank through high speed centrifuge from which the hot water can be returned to use.

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